Photography Fundamentals I

10/30/2018 - 11/13/2018


We built this six-session class to provide a thorough introduction to using a DSLR or mirrorless camera comfortably in a wide variety of situations. If you have always wanted to learn more about photography, or you just got your first camera but aren’t sure where to start, this course is for you!

This class will teach you how to set up and operate your camera in Manual mode and take beautiful photographs in a wide variety of shooting situations! If you own a camera and want to spend five full evenings and a morning field shoot learning more about how to use it, this is the class for you!

Classes will include lectures, demonstrations, Q & A, assignments, and image critiques.

Topics Include:

  • Exposure
  • F-Stops
  • Shutter Speeds
  • ISO
  • How the meter works
  • Histograms
  • Using Manual
  • Outsmarting the Meter
  • Editing your images using Adobe Lightroom
  • Importing
  • Basic editing
  • Basic organization
  • Exporting using the built-in presets
  • Sharing your images
  • Composition
  • Nature and people photography


It can be a real challenge to photograph the beautiful scenery around us. There are a lot of factors that go into creating a landscape photograph worthy of hanging on our walls or sharing with our friends and family. This class builds on your existing photography foundation and explores the art of landscape photography. You will learn how to take sharp, in-focus photographs using the hyperfocal focusing method (don’t worry, it’s easier than it sounds!). You will learn how to utilize the zone system as it relates to landscape photography so you can master those tricky split-lighting situations. You will also learn how to compose a beautiful landscape photograph that is sure to make people swoon! This class even dives into some of the more advanced techniques like HDR (High Dynamic Range), panoramas, and focus stacking.

This is a 5-session course including lectures, demonstrations, Q&A, assignments, two field shoots in the Missoula area (morning and evening), and image critiques. Topics Include:

  • Review of Exposure
  • Metering the Scene Using the Zone System
  • Focus and Depth of Field
  • Composition
  • Equipment Specific to Landscape Photography
  • Different Lighting Conditions
  • Simplifying the Workflow
  • HDR, Focus Stacking, Panoramas (Demonstration in Lightroom and Photoshop)

Developing a Photo Project

11/19/2018 - 12/10/2018


Have you hit a creative slump? Maybe you’ve mastered F-stops and shutter speeds and you're ready to make the jump into the creative realm of photography. Or maybe you’ve been taking photographs for 50 years, and you need to freshen up your game. This class is the perfect place for anyone seeking inspiration and motivation to photograph with intention.

In this 4-week course, instructors Neil Chaput de Saintonge and Quinn Hegwood will teach you how to start, maintain, and complete a photo project. They will discuss the creative benefits of making yourself search for what you photograph and they'll give you feedback throughout the process. You'll choose a project in the first class (so be thinking of ideas before that!) and you will work on developing a photo project or series that fits your unique goals. Each class (except the first one) will consist of lecture and critique of your images.

    You will learn:
  • What a photo project is and how to plan one
  • The benefits of shooting with projects in mind
  • The broad spectrum of projects that can work for you
  • How to inspire and maintain creativity
  • Composition in photography
  • Documentary photography basics

*This course requires a basic understanding of exposure and how to use your own camera. There will be no technical instruction. Any type of camera is acceptable, but you must have access to it for the duration of the 4-week course in order to complete assignments.

Photography Fundamentals II

11/27/2018 - 12/11/2018


Do you feel confident operating your camera in manual mode? Do you understand f-stops, shutter speeds, and ISOs, but still struggle with getting consistently well-exposed and well-lit images? Do you want to explore different genres of photography? If you answered yes to these questions, this class is for you.

This six-session course will give you confidence in your photography, teach you how to get perfectly exposed images in any situation, and delve deep into a variety of advanced photographic genres. We'll take you beyond the basics and into a more thorough understanding of both the technical and the aesthetic aspects of photography. You will also spend time in the field with the instructor to sharpen your skills and get answers to any additional questions you might have.

Classes will include lectures, demonstrations, Q & A, assignments, and image critiques.

The Topics Include:

  • Zone System of Exposure
  • Night Photography
  • Landscape Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Documentary Photography