Macro Photography

4/17/2019 - 4/30/2019


We live in an amazing part of the world here in western Montana. We have big skies, snow-capped mountains, crystal clear rivers and lakes, towering trees, stunning sunsets, and wonderful people! There are photo opportunities wherever we look. This class explores photographing the part of our world often overlooked. We will be tackling the challenging art of macro photography. Meaning, we will learn how to take pictures of the SMALL things around us. The things that exist below the horizon line and even beneath our feet. The amazing things most people don’t notice or take the time to look at.

This class is for people who see beauty in paint peeling from an old barn door, the texture of the surface of an old rusting tractor, the colors of an insect perched on a blade of grass, and the detail of a snowflake trapped in the ice on the shore of a lake. It’s also for the photographers just wanting to try something different. The cool thing about macro photography is that it can be done anywhere…even from the comfort of your own home!

You will learn about the equipment used in macro photography including tripods, focusing rails, close-up filters, and extension tubes. You will also learn about some of the technical aspects of the art, such as lens magnification and minimum focus distance. Classroom lectures will spend a good amount of time on depth of field and focusing techniques, which are the most challenging aspects of macro photography. And finally, you will learn how to control light indoors and out.

In addition to lectures and image critiques, there will be two hands-on classes. One will be indoors in a controlled environment and the other will be outside in a natural setting. These sessions will give you plenty of opportunity for practice and getting your questions answered. You will also have two opportunities to show off your images and get your work critiqued.


Film is again becoming a popular form of photography, and it's no surprise why. The cameras are cheap, the look of film has a timeless and vintage look, and more importantly, film photography has a magic to it that's fun.

Film photography lets you get your hands dirty. The cameras require more tactile manipulation and you can take control of the whole process yourself. There is also the magic of seeing your own photographs as they come out of the developing tank and being able to see a moment, 'frozen in time' – one that you had to wait a week to see. And film is also so easy to learn!

So, come and learn the joy of film photography. You'll develop a greater control of your camera, we'll shoot color film, shoot and develop black and white film, and we'll look at the options for viewing, scanning and printing film photos.

And, at the end of the course, you'll be able to post your photos onto Instagram. We promise.

Students will learn the following skills:

  • The discipline of shooting film
  • Exposure for film photography
  • Film speed, aperture and shutter speed
  • Loading and unloading film
  • Shooting color film
  • Shooting black & white film
  • Developing black & white film
  • Archiving negatives
  • Scanning film
  • Outsourcing color film development

Note: We will outsource color processing to The Darkroom in Missoula. This class will cover how to develop black & white film only.

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