Alumni Referral Program

RMSP is happy to offer a new Professional Intensive Alumni Referral Program. We want to motivate our Career Training / Professional Intensive alumni to spread the word about RMSP and we want to keep our alumni coming back to further their education year after year. The program is available to any CT alum who is a graduate of Summer Intensive, Advanced Intensive, Digital Intensive or Professional Intensive.

It's a simple concept. If you find us a new Professional Intensive student, you get a Workshop for FREE!

Step 1: Find someone who loves photography and wants to be a professional!

Step 2: Talk to them and tell them about the great experience you had at RMSP.

Step 3: If they seem interested, call RMSP after you meet with them and let us know the prospective student's name.

Step 4: If they sign up for Professional Intensive, we will notify you and let you know you can sign up for your free Workshop.

It's that simple. Just find us someone who has never heard of RMSP and tell them about your experience here. If they decide to jump into the Professional Intensive program (see details about required amount of days completed below), we let you take a free Workshop! Also, there is no limit to the number of students you can refer per year, which means you might be in for a lot of free photographic education!

In order to qualify, a few requirements must be met:

  1. Referee must complete 22 calendar days of the Professional Intensive program.
  2. Referee must not be a prior RMSP customer and must not be in our current database. Only new leads will qualify.
  3. Alum must call the school prior to the referee and notify us of who they referred.
  4. Alum must take their free Workshop within two years of the referee's Professional Intensive start date.
  5. If the referred student cancels their registration or drops out early, the deal is voided.
  6. RMSP will award Workshop course tuition up to $1495 per referral.
  7. Seats must be available in the chosen Workshop course at time of alum's registration.