How to Get Started Photographing Weddings
Preparation is everything when shooting a wedding because there are no re-dos. Here are 5 top tips for getting ready for the big day.
10 Best Affordable Gifts for Photographers (2021 Updated)
Here are 10 helpful ideas for the photographer(s) on your gift list!
Audio for Video Part 2: Sound for Interviews
Getting great sound quality is paramount to a successful interview. In this article, Jeff walks you through the considerations involved in deciding what gear is best for you and why.
Expert Advice: Online Photographer Directories
There are lots of clients out there who might be a great match for you, but you just might not know about them. One way to connect with them is with a listing in a photographer directory.
The Basics of How Flash Works
Through a series of simple exercises, you can understand how to expose correctly using your flash.
Thoughts on Keeping Your Creative Process Fresh
Creative people PRACTICE creativity. Here are some tips for staying inspired when you're feeling in a slump.
Expert Advice: LinkedIn for Photographers
LinkedIn is the only social media platform devoted to business to business (B2B) networking, making it a natural place for photographers to find clients and for them to find you.
The Key is in the Keywords
Keywording is an easy task to do each time you edit or add image files and if we integrate the task into our everyday workflow, finding any file you want becomes a piece of cake.
Using a Tripod for Portraits
For composite and cinematic portraits, using a tripod allows you to create special effects and do other types of experimentation.
Expert Advice: How to Register Your Copyright
This article will help you understand the value of registering your work and give you the confidence to complete the process yourself.
Audio for Video Part I: The Basics
Learn the basics of audio for video, including what sound is and how it's recorded digitally, the variety of microphones available, line level vs. mic level, and in-camera vs. external "second-system"...
How Not to Hate Your Tripod (For Portrait Photographers)
There are times when a tripod can be a real asset to a portrait photographer. But it has to be a GOOD tripod and you need to know how, and when, to use it!
10 Affordable Gift Ideas for Photographers
Looking for the perfect gift for the photographer in your life? Here are ten affordable gift ideas that will actually be used AND loved!
4 Tips for Winter Landscape Photography
Here are some useful tips for photographing outdoors when cold weather impacts your batteries and other gear, as well as your own personal comfort.
Top 10 Things I've Learned from 20 Years in the Photo Business
There are lessons to be learned from many years in the biz. Instructor Jeff McLain can help you avoid some of the mistakes that are easy to make when you're just starting out.
How to Choose the Best Lens for You
Choosing the right lens for a given situation can be challenging. The decision relies on a number of factors including angle of view, desired depth-of-field, and ambient light in the scene.
Astrophotography III: Deep Sky Objects
In this article we continue learning about astrophotography and focus on how to get started imaging deep sky objects like galaxies and nebulae.
Getting Started with Black & White Photography
Discover why black and white photography has endured for centuries and how you can add it to your own visual repertoire, using Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop Camera Raw.
Adapting My Business to Quarantine & "The Front Steps Project"
Instructor Mary Brunst Pedersen took a unique approach to the loss of work during quarantine by participating in #TheFrontStepsProject. Learn about her experience and her tips for adaptability!
Making Art During a Pandemic
Finding inspiration to make art might mean finding a safe space for yourself where you can be vulnerable, have a good cry, sit in the unknown and breathe. Here are 12 tips from Tea Bear, an extra crea...
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