How to Choose the Best Lens for You
Choosing the right lens for a given situation can be challenging. The decision relies on a number of factors including angle of view, desired depth-of-field, and ambient light in the scene.
Astrophotography III: Deep Sky Objects
In this article we continue learning about astrophotography and focus on how to get started imaging deep sky objects like galaxies and nebulae.
Getting Started with Black & White Photography
Discover why black and white photography has endured for centuries and how you can add it to your own visual repertoire, using Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop Camera Raw.
Adapting My Business to Quarantine & "The Front Steps Project"
Instructor Mary Brunst Pedersen took a unique approach to the loss of work during quarantine by participating in #TheFrontStepsProject. Learn about her experience and her tips for adaptability!
Making Art During a Pandemic
Finding inspiration to make art might mean finding a safe space for yourself where you can be vulnerable, have a good cry, sit in the unknown and breathe. Here are 12 tips from Tea Bear, an extra crea...
A Matter of Perspective
After you reach technical proficiency, you might have to "think outside the box" to remain inspired.
Getting Started with Wet Plate Tintype Photography
Find inspiration in the ashes of photography making wet plate collodion tintypes.
Is Photography a Viable Career Choice?
Whether you want to work alone, or as part of a team, there are many career options available for professional photographers.
5 Hidden Photo Gems in Glacier Country
Discover the wonders that lie on the outskirts of Glacier National Park.
How to Make Your Work Stand Out
Internationally-published adventure sports photographer Michael Clark shares a few important tips for how to separate your photography work from everything else out there.
Use a Tripod for Better Landscape Photographs
Rather than thinking of your tripod as just a heavy and clunky piece of gear, consider it a creative tool for shooting better landscapes.
Top Five Mistakes Amateurs Make
Learn how to avoid the pitfalls that typically trip up an amateur photographer.
Authentic Portraiture
Achieving authentic portraits starts with observing deeply and paying attention. They are felt in the heart. And in the gut.
Top 10 Steps to Become a Pro
Take some steps today to begin to realize your dream of becoming a professional photographer!
Tips for Photographing Waterfalls
Learn some techniques for creating stunning images of one of the wonders of nature!
8 Tips for Inspiration During Quarantine
Stuck inside and need inspiration? Here are eight easy tips to get you photographing today!
Top 20 Best Photography Books
Looking for some inspiration? Here are 20 great book recommendations from the RMSP staff!
Astrophotography II: Milky Way Images
Let’s turn our attention to the Milky Way and how to capture it. First, make sure you’ve read the first article, because much of that information is a prerequisite for understanding the following thin...
Photographer's Survival Guide: What To Do When the Market Dips
More than once I have heard photographers note how the wedding photography industry is somewhat insulated from economic dips because “people will still get married.” The couple has ostensibly already ...
Best Filters for Landscape Photography
When you start getting into landscape photography you quickly find out that there is no shortage of gizmos and gadgets marketed to photographers in this field. For the most part, these things are not ...
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