Educational Partners

Win. Win. Win. That's how we think of our relationship with all of our educational partners. With their support, we can support our students, who in turn can head into the world knowing they have received the best possible photography education available anywhere.

We would like to acknowledge the generosity of Canon, USA. Over the years, they have given generously to our students and our programs in order to enrich the educational experiences of our students. We stand behind their quality, customer service and product selection. In addition, most of the gear in our gear cage was donated by Canon to our school for student use (see image below). Please consider Canon products when purchasing photographic gear. Thank you, Canon!
We would also like to acknowledge the generosity of B&H Photo Video. With excellent customer service, product support and educational pricing, B&H has continually provided our students and staff with the gear they want at the best prices and with many varieties. B&H has been exceptionally generous to RMSP in perks for RMSP students, marketing collaboration with the school and long-term friendship. Please consider shopping at B&H for your next photography purchase! Thank you, B&H!

The generous contributions these companies make in the form of equipment, literature, and educational support enable us to continue to be the best at what we do. As an educational institution, we hear about and experiment with many different manufacturers, products, and retail organizations. We stand behind these companies because of their excellent products, services, and prices. In addition, they recognize students as important customers and ambassadors for their products and services. Please consider using these fine companies as resources for your photographic needs.