Lindsay Adler: From Good to Great

"From Good to Great"
Join Canon Explorer of Light and Professional fashion photographer, Lindsay Adler, in learning how to move from being a good photographer to a great photographer.

From Good to Great: Technique and gear certainly play a role, but that is seldom the most distinguishing element. Renowned fashion photographer Lindsay Adler will explain how concept and personal style help differentiate you and move your work to the next level. What are you saying with your images? How will you light? Which lens? What other tools of the visual language will communicate your message? Lindsay will talk about finding your own style. She will discuss finding inspiration for memorable images, expressing a concept, and finally her favorite approaches for creating award-winning photographs.

"From Good to Great" will be held at the University of Montana Music Recital Hall on Saturday, May 25th at 7:00 p.m.

This lecture is part of RMSP's 30-year anniversary celebration! To learn more about this amazing weekend, click here.