Applying For
Professional Intensive

Professional Intensive is designed for highly motivated students who are serious about becoming professional photographers. It is a rigorous program that requires a lot from students mentally and emotionally. Because of this, applicants must demonstrate a strong work ethic, the ability to work under pressure and the motivation necessary to become a professional photographer.

Applying for Professional Intensive is simple. We ask that you complete a few steps.
  • 1
    Verify your personal information.
  • 2
    Give us a bit more information about yourself such as what camera you use, how you heard about us, and how long you've been shooting (no experience is necessary, we're just curious).
  • 3
    Write an 300-400 word essay on what you hope to achieve through your photography.
  • 4
    Submit a letter of recommendation from someone who has experience working with you in a professional manner. This could be a teacher, boss, or other non-familial authority figure who can attest to your professional work habits and characteristics. They should speak to your work-ethic, ability to work under pressure, drive, and quality of photography. Please be sure you have your referrer write their relation to you, their name and their phone number on the letter.
  • 5
    Tell us about your dream photoshoot. Give us details like where the shoot will take place, how much you are going to charge, and what you want the final images to look like. Imagine that RMSP is the client and pitch the idea to us. Submit a 1-3 page document with the details (maybe include some example images too)!
  • 6
    Complete a basic computer skills test.

The application is completed entirely online. Each part can be completed at a different time by simply logging into your account. After completing the application, you can expect to hear back from us within one week. If we have questions about anything on your application, you may receive an email or phone call from us with further questions.

Feel free to contact the school if you have any questions during the application process.

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