Do I really need to go to school for photography?

No, you don't.

You could take it upon yourself to learn online, from books, or attend seminars and workshops and piece together a well-rounded education over the course of your career.

But why not invest in learning all of the right skills, the right way, the first time around?

RMSP instructors have the information you need and know how to present it in ways that make sense immediately. Don't waste time and energy trying to learn the ropes on your own when you could be focused on gaining speed and developing your vision.

PI by the numbers
Missoula ranks 8th in liveable mid-sized cities in the U.S.
86% of career-seeking RMSP graduates opened their own photo businesses
2017 PI age range is 18-59. 100% of RMSP Students have found housing for school
20+ Professional photographers and expert instructors teaching in PI.
Professional Intensive vs Four-Year College
1000+ hours of class time in 36 weeks vs 480 hours of class time in 30 weeks.
9:1 average student to Instructor/T.A. ratio vs 16:1 average student to instructor ratio
249 Days until career launch vs 1356 days until career launch
$27,950 total tuition for RMSP Professional Intensive vs $95,572 average full time out-of-state four-year college tuition

Without the technical mastery and precision that deliver outstanding results, the effort you've put into your photography business won't matter. Plenty of photographers take good photos, but very few know how to create and produce exceptional work that will stand out in a saturated marketplace. Some professionals simply wing it, unsure what they're doing with their cameras and why. Not RMSP graduates. You'll develop a technical foundation so strong it's ingrained. This is the reason RMSP requires that students take every foundational class, and why every student must become well versed in both commercial and retail photography. Being comfortably tech-savvy during a shoot means you can focus on what really matters: creativity and style.

Every Professional Intensive student has free access to training to become a Phase One Certified Professional (POCP) during school, which makes a huge difference for students wanting jobs as digital techs, studio assistants, or commercial photographers. Each student will also receive a complimentary copy of Capture One Pro installed on their laptop.