RMSP 30-Year Anniversary Celebration

May 24 — 26, 2019

Join us this Memorial Day Weekend for a celebration of RMSP's 30 year anniversary!!
RMSP has reached a milestone in its history and wants to celebrate with YOU. After all, YOU are what has made RMSP the wonderful place it is!

We've got a fun and information-packed event lined up for you to enjoy. The weekend will include a big party, several classes going on at once, a trade show, critiques, field shoots and a reunion of RMSP graduates from the past 30 years! The only hard part will be choosing which sessions you want to attend! Let RMSP inspire you again and keep you learning and growing as photographers.

We'll start off the weekend with a Friday evening ALUMNI-ONLY PARTY: an evening of food, music and fun held in downtown Missoula will give us a chance to see old friends and meet some new ones.

On Saturday: Classes (for anyone) taught by RMSP's beloved team of instructors! The preliminary class lineup includes:

  • Staying Inspired & Creative
  • 360 Photo & Video
  • Why Do You Photograph? (Re)Discovering What Drives You
  • Creating Natural Poses
  • Managing Lightroom Catalogs Like a Pro
  • Who Is Your Client & How Do You Reach Them?
  • Developing a Photo Project
  • . . . and much more

On Sunday: Shoots in the studio (for anyone), shoots in picturesque Missoula, a couple more lectures, and peer-to-peer critiquing!

  • Sunrise Shoot
  • Landscape Shoot
  • Night Shoot

Canon Explorer of Light Lindsay Adler is our keynote speaker!

Saturday evening night shoot with Gabe Biderman!

Trade Show with many of your favorite vendors including B&H, Canon, Sigma and many more!

Product Giveways! Plus RMSP special 30-year branded swag!

Networking galore!


Tuition is $20 for RMSP alumni and $50 for anyone else... for the entire weekend! (Discount automatically applied unless the last RMSP class you attended was before 2003. In that case, call 406-543-0171 to receive your discount.)

Sign up now and make your plans to join us! Give us a call if you have any questions.

Saturday Class Sessions

Session 1: Pick One

Advanced Photo Storage: Upgrading to a NAS Device: If you’re struggling to organize and store many Terabytes of media, it might be time to upgrade to Network Attached Storage (NAS). NAS can be a simple way to store a large volume of photos and videos in a fast, redundant, and reliable way. Class will include dedicated time for Q&A.

Getting Started (or Restarted!) in Film Photography: Rediscover the magic of film and learn the basics of an analog workflow in the digital age. Topics include shooting, developing, and scanning your images.

Landscape Photography Techniques: Learn the basics of composition, lighting, hyperfocal focusing for sharpness, and practical ways to achieve perfect landscape imagery.

Staying Inspired & Creative: Is your camera collecting dust? Come to this class for some inspirational fuel and creative ideas to help you pick up your camera even when you don’t want to.

Session 2: Pick One

Advertising on Facebook & Instagram: Reach your ideal clients exactly where they are. We’ll share tips for building your strategy, targeting your audience, creating captivating ads, evaluating their success, and using Facebook Ad Manager effectively.

Exposure & Zone: Solidify Your Foundation: Whether you’re diving into the world of photography for the first time or the tenth, technical proficiency is vital. This class covers the basics of f-stops, shutter speed, and ISO – plus an overview of Ansel Adams’ Zone System of exposure.

Timelapse Photography Basics: Looking for a new skill that combines creativity and technical know-how? Learn the basics of planning, shooting, importing, editing, and exporting timelapse videos. Why Do You Photograph?

(Re)Discovering What Drives You: Are you in a photographic rut, feeling lost, or simply wanting to bring more confidence and purpose into your work? For enthusiasts and professionals alike, this class is a chance to revisit what got you into photography and reinvigorate what drives you.

Session 3: Pick One

360 Photo & Video: Learn how to capture moments in a whole new way with a 360 camera. The class will cover available 360 cameras on the market and tips for shooting, editing, and sharing these unique files.

Crafting a Consistent Style: Learn to edit your images in a consistent way that reflects your own photographic vision and style. We’ll cover Lightroom’s HSL, Curves, and Camera Calibration panels – plus how to create usable presets for recreating your favorite looks.

Creating Natural Poses: We get it: posing people feels awkward. Through this demo class you’ll discover tips and tricks to eliminate that awkwardness – both for you and your subject – and help you create more natural, authentic moments.

The Photographer’s Ephemeris: Timing Your Shoots with the Sun: What if you could know the exact moment the sun would peek out from behind a mountain and cast beautiful golden light across your scene? Well, you can – with The Photographer’s Ephemeris. Be sure to bring your laptop to learn the basics of this powerful online tool.

Session 4: Pick One

Developing a Photo Project: Have you ever thought about embarking on a true photo project? This class will help you get started with strategies and tips for generating project ideas, setting parameters and goals, shooting, and staying inspired from beginning to end.

Managing Lightroom Catalogs Like a Pro: Dive deep into the Lightroom catalog structure, understand how to fix common problems, and learn how to avoid future messes. Topics include creating new or temporary catalogs, merging existing catalogs, and implementing a successful workflow when you’re traveling.

Photographing Wildlife with Intention: Whether you’ve been photographing wildlife for years or just dreaming of capturing your first great shot, this class will help you photograph animals with intention. Explore how to create varied compositions and capture compelling moments – all while using ethical field practices.

Who Is Your Client and How Do You Reach Them?: Knowing your target market is critical for every professional photographer. This class will introduce you to select strategies for identifying and reaching your ideal clients.

Evening Session

Canon Explorer of Light Lindsay Adler will deliver an all-group lecture with lessons from her experience as an accomplished fashion photographer. More details to come.

Sunday Activities


SHOOT: Night Photography with Gabe Biderman

Session 1: 5am-8am

SHOOT: Sunrise for everyone!

Session 2: 9am-10:30am

SHOOT: Outdoor Portrait (Part I)

SHOOT: Studio Demo

CRITIQUE: Peer-to-Peer

CRITIQUE: Group (Neil Chaput de Saintonge)

Session 3: 10:45am-12:15pm

SHOOT: Outdoor Portrait (Part II)

SHOOT: Studio Demo

CRITIQUE: Group (Neil Chaput de Saintonge)

CRITIQUE: Peer-to-Peer

Lunch (12:15pm-1:45pm)

Session 4: 1:45pm-3pm

LECTURE: Buying Lenses (Neil Chaput de Saintonge)

SHOOT: Studio Demo (Jeff McLain)

SESSION: Networking By Genre

Session 5: 3:15pm-4:00pm

LECTURE: Micro Four Thirds Mirrorless Cameras (Neil Chaput de Saintonge)

SHOOT: Studio Demo (Jeff McLain)

SESSION: Networking By Genre

WRAP-UP: Ice Cream! (4pm)

Travel Details


Missoula has numerous hotels from which to choose with varying accommodations at different price ranges and locations.

The hotel we recommend is the Staybridge Suites Missoula. For more information about Staybridge Suites, click here. They do extend a special discounted rate to Rocky Mountain School of Photography students.

Air Transportation

RMSP is not responsible for cancellations due to medical or other emergencies or reimbursement of non-refundable airline tickets/hotel rooms in the event of a course cancellation. Please consider the purchase of trip/travel insurance.

The nearest airport for this workshop is Missoula International Airport.

Missoula International Airport
5225 Hwy 10 West
Missoula, MT 59808
(406) 725-4381

Transportation during the Event

You are responsible for your own transportation during the event. For transportation to and from field shoots, we suggest that you carpool to get to know fellow students.

Most major car rental companies are represented at Missoula International Airport. Please visit the airport website for more details: flymissoula.com/parking-transportation/rental-car-center.

Missoula’s locally-owned Dollar Rent A Car franchise offers a special discounted rate to Rocky Mountain School of Photography students. To take advantage of this rate, contact them directly at the phone number below and mention that you are an RMSP student.

Dollar Rent-A-Car
1905 W. Broadway
Missoula, MT 59802
(406) 542-2311

Admission Price: $50
Possible Discounts:
Friend of RMSP: $30