FAQ: Summer Intensive

When does the 2019 SI course run?
Student orientation is on Monday, June 17, 2019, at 9 a.m. Classes start Tuesday, June 18th. Graduation is Friday, July 26, 2019.
What is the cutoff date for enrollment?
We accept applications on a first come, first served basis until the program is full. We recommend that students enroll early due to our enrollment limit. We will accept enrollment up to the start of classes if space is available.
Are there any entrance requirements for the Summer Intensive program?
No prior photographic experience is necessary for enrollment. You must be a high school graduate (or have GED equivalency) to attend SI.
What level photographer should attend SI?
Summer Intensive is designed for photographers who are looking to improve their technical skills while immersing themselves in the creative process. You do not need prior photographic experience to enroll. We start with the basics (f-stops, shutter speeds, equipment) and proceed quickly to more advanced topics (flash, creative processes, digital image-editing). Student ages generally range from 18 to over 70. Students come from all over the country and world. Interests include nature, portraiture, fine art, and everything in between.
What level of prior computer expertise is needed to succeed in the program?
Image management and editing is an important component of the Summer Intensive curriculum, therefore, intermediate computer navigation skills are required. If you have limited experience using computers, we highly recommend that you enroll in a computer basics course in your local community as preparation for the program.
What if I have to miss classes?
Due to the pace of teaching in SI, we encourage students to try their hardest not to miss any of their classes. Attendance is taken at all classes, and final certification is partly based on attendance. If absence is inevitable, advance notice is required in order to proactively remediate the missed work. Unplanned absences do, of course, also happen, in which case the administrative team will work with the students on a case by case basis.
Where do I live during SI?
All enrolled students will have access to housing information that we collect and compile from rental agencies as well as private individuals who have space to rent to our students.
Do I need a car for the summer?
Missoula is a bike-friendly city with good public bus lines. However, one of the great pleasures of the summer is being able to explore the beautiful state of Montana and shoot. A car will be necessary to be able to do that.
What kind of equipment and supplies do I need?
A list of equipment and supplies needed for the program can be found on this website under "Summer Intensive: Equipment and Supplies".
Do I need to bring my computer?
Yes. We require students to bring laptops and use them when working in our digital labs as well as during Edit classes. Working on one’s own computer enables you to set up and use the professional workspace and workflow in class with assistance from our staff. In general we recommend bringing all photography/imaging equipment already owned— students never know what they’ll want to do with 6 weeks of nothing but photography!