Student Testimonials

Summer Intensive

I realized that after having raised a family of three kids with my wife, worked in construction for 33 years (the last 20 as a self-employed general contractor), that maybe it was time to do something that I was passionate about without waiting for my golden years. This is where my RMSP story begins.
The work is hard. The days are long and at the end of it all I had accomplished more than I ever thought possible. If you love taking photographs, if you want to take your level of expertise well above the next level, if you want to have the summer of your life and meet people and see places you will never forget come to Missoula, Montana and attend the Rocky Mountain School of Photography.
What makes RMSP so incredible is the family and community that develops and grows through the summer. The personal connections you make help foster an environment rich with creativity, and one that encourages you to step beyond your comfort zone to explore entirely new realms of your world through photography. Without the support of our unique community I would not have had the support I needed to jump into a whole new world of photography.


J.D. Thompson

Wildlife Photography Field Shoot: Kalispell, Montana
The RMSP Wildlife Photography Workshop at the Triple D Game Farm in Kalispell, MT this summer was spectacular. The early morning light, reflective ponds and wildlife handlers provided outstanding settings for capturing authentic wildlife exposures in their natural environment.
RMSP helped me build a solid foundation in Basic photography. They encouraged my dream of becoming a photographer and supported my passion for capturing life's beautiful moments. Can't wait for my next workshop!
Great investment for my photography learning experience. Loved being pushed out of my comfort zone.
This was my 10th RMSP workshop. The instruction and choice of destinations are top-rate.