Kevin Black

I’ve been an amateur photographer for many years, first using film and then more recently, delving into the realm of digital photography. Having recently retired from the military, I decided to use my GI Bill benefits to follow my dream of getting formal photography training. After extensive research, I decided that RMSP offered exactly what I was looking for. And with the assistance of the RMSP staff, using my GI Bill benefits to pay for the program was seamless.

Summer Intensive: This is where the rubber meets the road. All of the students who attend SI have varying degrees of experience in and knowledge of photography. The classes quickly brought everyone up to a level playing field. I thought I had a decent grasp of how to create a good image but quickly learned that I was simply scratching the surface! The instructors and the assistants were exceptionally knowledgeable in all aspects of photography and made every effort to provide extra assistance to any of us who needed it. The courses ran the gambit from basic and advanced photography skills to the post-processing of images using various software programs as well as how to work with models for studio work, etc. The difference in my images from the time I began SI to graduation was nothing short of phenomenal.

Professional Studies: I was able to attend a number of the weeklong professional studies courses RMSP offers between Summer and Advanced Intensive. These courses took all the skills I learned in SI and focused them on the genres of photography I was most interested, landscape and wildlife. These courses were taught by successful professionals in the field who helped me learn not only how to create professional-quality images, but how to be a successful professional photographer in those genres.

Advanced Intensive: Advanced Intensive took everything I learned in SI and Professional Studies and focused those skills on the business aspects of being a professional photographer. While I continued to hone my photography skills and build a portfolio, I learned how to market my images and myself in the ever-changing world of photography. I was brought up to speed on using traditional marketing methods as well as marketing myself on numerous social media platforms. With RMSP’s help, I was even able to set up my own professional photography website! I left RMSP with a personalized, long-term plan that will help me make my photography business thrive in the years to come. All in all, I cannot recommend RMSP enough. The staff at the school and the curriculum they’ve developed is exceptional! They worked tirelessly to teach, encourage, and every once in a while, nudge me to be the best photographer I can be! I learned more in the 5 months I attended RMSP than I ever thought possible! But just as importantly, along the way, I have made many, many new, wonderful lifelong friends! Thank you, RMSP!