Michael Roessmann

Like many people I have been thinking about the Rocky Mountain School of Photography for some time; hoping at some point to attend a class or workshop to assist in my progression as a photographer. Like many of us I was busy involved in a routine that didn’t normally afford time for peripheral activities. Last November serendipity came in a very rude way with a rupture of my Achilles tendon. Faced with a long recovery and limited options for activities I spent quite a bit of time evaluating my life in terms of where I’ve been, what I’ve done, and what I still hoped to accomplish. I realized that after having raised a family of three kids with my wife, worked in construction for 33 years (the last 20 as a self-employed general contractor), that maybe it was time to do something that I was passionate about without waiting for my golden years.

The obvious question for me was how to build a deeper knowledge base to position myself to be a successful professional photographer. This is where my RMSP story begins. After months of waffling and second guessing, I along with my wife, reached a decision: I was going to take the leap of faith and go to photography school. Reading the many catalogs that I had acquired over the years gave me a general impression of what I would be getting myself into. The preconceived notions that we have for most things we get involved in especially ones that require a sizable monetary commitment varies person to person. Myself, I really wanted a solid educational experience as well as enough real world examples during SI to put me in a good place after graduation.

Having just completed the summer intensive of 2013 I can safely say that I wasn’t disappointed.  Currently I’m wading through the notes and materials from this summer and I am starting to see the enormity of information provided. The crux of the SI is now abundantly evident when I see the depth and content of curriculum that we engaged in a very short period of time; the true meaning of intensive is now understood. Within a short period I will have organized, reviewed, and set forth a game plan that months earlier wouldn’t have been possible. I want to thank the staff and instructors of the Rocky Mountain School of Photography for the new lease that I have received from having participated in the summer intensive, I look forward to building on the foundation that they helped facilitate.