Kelsie Throop

Summer Intensive

I had dreamed about attending Rocky Mountain School of Photography for years, but was convinced that it was just a pipe dream that would never really happen. Then I realized that the only thing stopping me from going was myself. After that, there was no stopping me. I quit my job, stepped outside my comfort zone, and joined 78 other students in pursuit of an education in photography and a dream come true.

RMSP is the very definition of awesome. What’s the s chedule like? Busy. They don’t call it “intensive” for no reason. Did I learn a lot? So much my brain hurt. Are the instructors good? Not just good, they are fantastic – some of the best I have ever had! Was it worth it? Definitely. I made friends I will never forget, learned invaluable skills and techniques that will stick with me for the rest of my career, and best of all? I improved as a photographer in the midst of a support system that doesn’t exist anywhere else on the planet. Attending RMSP’s Summer Intensive course has been one of the most amazing summers I have ever experienced!