Linda Webster

Glacier National Park

I have finally found my true passion in photography and it only grew more intense after taking the RMSP workshop in Glacier National Park. I loved the hands-on focus of this workshop and having access to professional photographers for an entire week. Tim Cooper was able to teach in a way that was understandable and inspirational. I particularly loved the critiques that Tim and his assistant Doug provided on our images each day. I learned not only from my own images, but also from those of the others in the workshop.

One of the big surprises for me during the workshop however, was discovering how physically demanding photography could be. In order to take advantage of the best light, we were up early and out late. Hiking in the mountains with a camera bag and a tripod were expected, but I also found myself crawling around the ground and climbing up on rocks to get the shot I wanted. I really learned how important composition is; knowing what you are taking a picture of and keeping it simple. I also learned that photography takes patience. Never before had I waited for just the right cloud to move into my frame or for the light to change. So many of the fundamentals of photography were solidified for me during this week, helping me reach a whole new skill level. I cannot wait for my next workshop!