Jamie and Jeremy Manstrom

Attending RMSP was the best decision of our lives. When we met, Jamie had been shooting for a while and had an associates degree in photography. She was trying to figure out what direction to take with her photography, knowing that she wanted to work as many fashion elements into it as possible. I was applying for med schools and absolutely despised the notion of a future devoid of a creative outlet. On our wedding day we found a way to change that. We had a fantastic experience with our photographer and immediately knew we wanted his job. I mean who doesn’t want to wake up excited about work everyday?

We did an extensive search for the best educational opportunity. RMSP just offered too much to really even consider anywhere else. We wanted to dive in at full speed and RMSP obliged. We’ve seen our share of professors and learning environments and honestly, nothing else comes close. The class sizes were so reasonable and the teachers were incredible – so fluent in their topics, so patient, so excited to help you learn. We’ve been shooting full time since graduation and are getting ready to purchase our first house which we’re turning into a studio and a place to meet with clients. We’re selective about the weddings we shoot, so we can really develop a relationship with all of our couples and get to know their story. We feel this translates into pictures that are more personal, natural, intimate and meaningful because our couples feel comfortable with us.

We made the decision to attend RMSP and could not be more thankful for the opportunities it has provided for us, a chance to work together, for ourselves!! How could anything be better? See more at manstromphotography.com