M. Brian Hartz

Colorado's Mountains and Wildflowers

This was an amazing workshop experience. Tim and Lynn are extremely knowledgeable about the area, as they have been doing this workshop together for close to 20 years. The locations we went were prime examples of alpine and sub-alpine biomes, which are difficult to reach in ordinary vehicles.  So they hire local drivers of specialized jeeps to take us into the high country -- these drivers are very experienced and provided as safe and comfortable way to access the high country.  

It’s a workshop held entirely at high altitude, which is important to remember since most of us are not used to altitude and it forces one to maintain good hydration and to go slower, but it's probably one of the best I have ever done as it provided access to stellar locations of incredible natural beauty for us to shoot. Tim and Lynn's field assistance and critiques were very helpful and their knowledge base and experience are at the highest level I can imagine.