Darrell Moseley

Since the darkroom days in high school, photography has always been a passion of mine. I have read multiple books on photography, taken online classes, worked with mentors, and tried many different types and brands of cameras, but I never felt as though I was moving in the direction I wanted or becoming the photographer I wanted to become. When I first attended a weekend workshop with RMSP a couple of years ago I knew this was the photography school for me. Since then I have taken more and more classes from RMSP and have been enlightened in each one of them. With my last week long class I not only honed my technical skills but also recognized that every photographer has a unique style of their very own. The instructors helped me to recognize this and start to develop my own way of expressing my style behind the lens. The instructors were just incredible, with detailed lecture to personal one on one time talking to me and helping me to stretch myself and to see what I can do in a whole new light. The experiences I have had with RMSP have not only helped me to become a better photographer technically but more importantly, for me, to understand my style and the way of expressing myself through my lens. I am already planning on the next class and taking my photography to a new level for me.