Lorissa Renfro

Summer Intensive

With the completion of high school I felt this huge rush of accomplishment and terror. I had crazy ambitions of traveling and taking photos but I had no clue how I could take those ideas and turn them into a major. I didn’t want to go to school but I felt like everyone was expecting me to. Then one of my mentors Neil recommended I do Summer Intensive (SI) at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography.

Do you need some other kind of qualifications?

Fresh out of high school graduation (literally two days after) I became a student at RMSP. SI was hands down the most intense, crazy, fun, difficult, and worth it investment I have ever made.

Here is why:

#1 The Connections. Lets start with the people. SI 2012 Group C is without a doubt the most encouraging and supportive team I could ever dream of having. I have 20 classmates located all over the globe who are constantly pushing and inspiring me. These connections allowed me to document and clean up after a tornado in Oklahoma with Jonanthan Finch. I met up with Edmond Deckmyn in Vicenza Italy, where he showed me around the city. I also met up with Bonnie Caton and Marisa White for an incredible conceptual photographic journey through France from Paris to Marseille. These connections are still to date one of the most valuable take away from RMSP.

#2 The Inspiration. Speaking of travel... I went and lived in Athens, Greece for six months and worked on my landscape and street photography. The classes at RMSP helped me see things differently and it gave me the legs… no the wings I needed to accomplish my dreams.

#3 The Skills. It’s a completely different kind of school. SI is a rigorous program that indulged our creativity and kindled our passions. It is more than just school, it is a career push. Keep the momentum going and run with whatever your heart really wants to do. I can tell you first hand that if photography is really what you want to do, a university is not the directions you want to take. I am three years into a degree I don’t need! After graduating from RMSP I was able to kickstart my own business. I have been photographing weddings, seniors, and any sort of gig I can get my hands on because that is what pays for my travel! My dreams are becoming a reality and that is all thanks to Rocky Mountain School of Photography. See more of Lorissa’s work at http://lorissa-renfro.squarespace.com/