Ann Schmitt

Imagine spending the summer in the midst of mountains and bison and rivers and rodeos doing nothing but taking photographs. While attending a school where you receive the very best instruction with classes that challenge, inspire and improve your work. Where you go on field trips that expand your horizons and work alongside classmates who are supportive, encouraging and share your love of photography. The school is the Rocky Mountain School of Photography, the place is Missoula, Montana and believe it when they say, "we're all about you."  They are!

You, your photography and your success is the entire focus of everyone at RMSP. Last summer I attended RMSP, after spending years wanting to do so, and graduated from their Summer Intensive Program having learned more about photography than I thought possible. I began the summer taking pictures; I ended with an understanding of how to take photographs along with the skills to edit, print, and present them in whatever manner I choose. A month after returning home I participated in an art show and confidently displayed work that I had produced from start to finish.

Now, when someone asks me if I am a photographer, I say with conviction, yes, I am. The instructors, assistants and staff at RMSP all work in concert to ensure your success. Daily classes provide instruction, assignments, critique and the opportunity to discover and develop your own style. The long days of summer, in Montana, provide ample time to attend class, take photographs near and far and spend time with classmates enjoying all that Missoula and Montana have to offer.

The work is hard. The days are long and at the end of it all I had accomplished more than I ever thought possible. If you love taking photographs, if you want to take your level of expertise well above the next level, if you want to have the summer of your life and meet people and see places you will never forget come to Missoula, Montana and attend the Rocky Mountain School of Photography. The bison are waiting for you.