John Coppes

Palouse Country

This was my fourth opportunity to go on a RMSP workshop, and as with my past experiences, I was not disappointed. Doug Johnson and Sarah Ehlen were excellent hosts for the photo workshop in the Palouse of Eastern Washington.

From the first day it was clear that they had done a thorough perusal of the prime viewing locations for the class. Whether it was the vistas of rolling hills with the variety of colors or more narrow viewpoints of barns, houses, isolated trees or other great spots, they had picked great places for our class. We were given enough time to work in each area and also receive individual attention from both instructors. The teaching included suggestions for composition of our pictures, specialized techniques in the field or shortcuts and tips for improving the use of our equipment.

The times back at our base location allowed us to interact again with the instructors with great teaching in Adobe Lightroom and the critique sessions were helpful to point out where we could do better. The suggestions were always positive and beneficial. I learned several basic tips with my camera even though I thought I understood it fairly well that allow me to improve my pictures from now on. I had a trouble with the tripod that I brought and Doug allowed me to use his tripod and rescued me from a disaster. In summary, I would recommend an RMSP workshop without hesitation and I hope to take another this next year.