B&H EDU Advantage Discount

Do you want to join the B&H EDU Advantage program? Awesome!

All RMSP students are eligible to join the EDU program as soon as they register for any class with us. This membership lasts two years and gives you access to fantastic deals from B&H.

Before we get into the details, it's important to note that not everything is discounted. This isn't a blanket "10% off" everything from B&H. Instead you will find that select items are discounted. Usually the items discounted aren't cameras and lenses; they are accessories like camera bags, filters, hard drives, etc. How do you know what's discounted? Keep reading and find out!

How do I sign up?

  1. Go to www.bhphotovideo.com and click the "My Account" button in the upper-right corner.
  2. If you have an account, sign in. If not, click the "Create a B&H Account" button.
  3. Make note of your email address associated with your B&H account.
  4. Send an email to edumembership@bhphoto.com and let them know that you are an RMSP student looking to get your EDU account activated. Provide them with your name and the email address associated with your B&H account. With that information they will activate your EDU account.

Once your EDU account is activated, you're done. You have access to thousands of discounts on B&H's website. If you want to learn a bit more about the EDU program, keep reading!

How to use the EDU Store

To access the EDU store simply go to www.bhphotovideo.com and sign-in! That's it! While you're shopping, keep an eye out for the symbol below. It indicates that there is an EDU discount available! To get the discount, just add the item to your cart and checkout like normal. The price in your cart and the price at checkout will reflect the discount.