High School Scholarship Program

RMSP is a firm believer in students pursuing higher education following high school graduation. In 2017 RMSP will award up to five scholarships to graduating high school seniors who enroll in the Professional Intensive program. The scholarship value is $5000 per scholarship. Scholarships will be awarded based on merit and are to be awarded to students who want to be professional photographers.

  • Up to five scholarships will be awarded for the 2017/2018 Professional Intensive program.
  • The scholarship value is a $5000 tuition credit.
  • Only those students who graduate from high school in the same year as enrolling in the Professional Intensive program are eligible.
  • Students must have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 3.0 to be considered.
  • In order to apply, students need to provide a letter explaining what they intend to do with their photography in the future and a letter of recommendation from one of their high school teachers.
  • We do not require applicants to provide a photographic portfolio with their application. We want all graduating high school students to be eligible, even if you have no prior photographic experience!
  • Scholarship approval is at the sole discretion of the RMSP School Directors.

In order to apply for the scholarship and be considered, please email a copy of your complete high school transcript, your letter of intention and a letter of recommendation to bobm@rmsp.com.